every other Sunday, vol. 2

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope your last two weeks have treated you well. Mine have been a whirlwind, to put it gently, but we take the bad with the good, we learn from it, and move onward. Here are some links for your Sunday morning:

I’m very inspired by this DIY accent wall. What a fun touch for a room!

This handy baking pan conversion chart is a must-bookmark. I’m always trying to figure out the volume of my various baking pans — this will be a lifesaver!

I just bought this Humble Bundle collection of crafting books, and I must say I’m pretty excited to dive in.

I’ve been very focused lately on trying to shift towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I think this blog post is a really inspiring place to start, and once you’ve read that the rest of her blog is filled with great advice.