every other Sunday, vol. 1

I know myself well enough to know that I’m just not going to keep up with a weekly links post, but I still want a place to regularly share cool things I find on the internet, so let’s try every other week. Here’s a couple of things that have piqued my interest so far this year:

I’m thinking about trying my hand at knitting a pair of socks, and if I ever do, I’m going to start with this pattern.

I made this Kale Pesto Pasta last weekend and I really enjoyed it. It’s easy and delicious! And I’m going to make these Cauliflower Tacos tonight. Basically I’m going to work my way through Bon Appétit’s 2020 Feel Good Food Plan.

Speaking of Bon Appétit, if you for some reason aren’t already watching their YouTube channel, just go do that for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

I may need to swap out my daily instant oatmeal breakfast for this.

Have a great week, friends!